Dating is that most confusing, yet potentially most fulfilling pursuit of human relationships. From the ill-defined roles of the couple to the difficult to peg stages of a relationship, dating is an awkward dance that is equal parts trepidation and joyful discovery. While no two men or women are ever completely alike, there are important tips, trends, ugly truths and surprising facts you can learn about the world of dating. Furthermore, there are a number of agencies and organizations who have pored over dating phenomena for decades and have distilled excellent dating services that can help you meet your mate.
This is the type of information you’ll find in our Dating directory. While no guide, directory or collection of dating resources is ever complete, our Dating directory is an excellent place to start. Dating is inherently an adventure, one that typically rewards those who are adventurous, open and persistent. We encourage you to dive right into our links and resources and learn what you can. You may find that love—or at the very least, a good time—can surprise you.
Dating begins with a meeting—whether it’s a chance encounter, a set up or an arranged meeting. From there, subsequent dates help you learn more about each other’s personality and deepen your relationship. Where does dating go from there? That’s perhaps one of the hardest questions to answer. But the more you learn about dating, the experiences of others who have dated and most importantly, about yourself, the more confident you can feel in the decisions you make while dating.
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