What is means to be sexual and express sexuality has changed dramatically over the course of the last few decades. Things that used to be unacceptable like women wearing low cut tops and short skirts or men wearing tight jeans are now the norm and will likely change again in the next few years. These forms of showcasing ourselves and our sexuality are what make us human and diverse. There are many different types of sexuality as well from homosexual to heterosexual to bisexual. In the past it was considered wrong to flaunt your sexuality when out in public unless you were heterosexual but now it is widely accepted and in some places encourage showcasing your sexuality no matter what category you fall under. Whether you are gay, lesbian or bi, there is certainly still a portion of society that has yet to accept your preferences but technically that doesn’t matter in this century. You can flaunt your sexuality by the clothes you wear, the shops you frequent, the town you live in and even the company you hold. In our directory on sexuality you will find the resources and links necessary to understand how society views this controversial topic. You will find information on the specific types of sexual preference, forms of expressing yourself sexually and even specific revolutionaries when it comes to the topic. If you have any questions about sexuality and its origins and transformations – this directory is the place for you to be.

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